Air Quality Program

The Air Quality Program has been in existence for over 20 years. The program has expanded its capabilities through EPA Clean Air Act Project funding (CAA §103(b)) grants and continued funding through CAA §105 funding to include monitoring for criteria pollutants, indoor air education, participating in the National Atmospheric Deposition Program for acid rain by operating site NY22 and the development of a comprehensive Tribal Implementation Plan (TIP) for air quality. This plan outlines how the tribe plans to attain or maintain the air quality within its exterior boundaries. It is a “living document” that is updated as new information or technology becomes available.

The Air Quality Technician maintains the sampling equipment and data for metals, PM 10 & 2.5, Ozone, SO2, and NO2.

The NADP acid rain, indoor air, open burning and vegetation projects are managed by another Air Quality Technician, also responsible for flowing sampling data to the USEPA's Air Quality Sub-System (AQS) national database.

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