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Youth Services (JOM)

Youth Services provides a variety of unique programs to our Native American students within Akwesasne.

It is divided into four components:

  • Corrective Studies offers remedial assistance in academic study.
  • Education Enrichment encourages diverse interests with instrument loans, workshops, honor roll incentives, college visits and AISES.
  • Physical Education teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and promotes self-confidence.
  • Summer Youth Program provides educational, fun and leisure activities during July and August.

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be ¼ Native American, be an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe, be in attendance at the Salmon River or Massena Central District schools by November 1 each school year. We serve clients from Head Start through Grade 12. Drug and alcohol awareness is an important aspect to all of the Youth Services components.

Corrective Studies

Provides remedial help in areas of academic study.This aspect has proven to be pertinent to the success of our clients and is regarded as a beneficial and needed service.


Education Specialists are available to assist Native American students in grades 6-12 as Salmon River Central School and Massena Central High School as well as grades 7 & 8 at J.W. Leary Massena Central School. Students are scheduled on a regular basis or attend during a free period for help.

After School Tutoring is available from 3:15 to 5:15 p.m. in the Youth Services room at the High School at Salmon River.

Career Development / College Visits

For selected students in grades 9 - 12 who are interested in visiting a college or university.Along with providing activities designed to inform students of career opportunities, job skills or higher education programs available.

AISES Chapter

Works to promote, initiate and provide educational services for American Indian and Alaska Native pre-college, college and graduate students in STEM. AISES also supports STEM field through professional development, mentoring, networking, community service, and awards programs and initiatives.

Summer Camp

Open to 6-12 years of age. Located at the St. Regis Mohawk School, there will be weekly themed activities for the youth attending. Staff members are prepared and trained to implement fun and educational activities throughout the six-week program! These activities allow for educational fun, physical activity and cultural aspects for the youth! Breakfast and home-cooked lunch are provided on a daily basis.

Job opportunities for high school seniors who are college/trades bound and college students to become camp counselors are also welcomed for the summer camp program. This will provide work training and experience that will allow for the student workers to build classroom skills and well as added opportunity to mentor the youth of Akwesasne.

Educational Enrichment

Allows for other educational opportunities that are not provided in a school setting. This gives an added experience towards academic success.

Honors Program

For students grades 6 - 12 who have done well academically or achieved perfect attendance during one of the schools’ ten-week marking period.

Cultural Activities

Art, music, literature, history enrichment projects, field trips and speakers are an important part of Native American heritage. Local community resources and artisans are asked to provide enrichment activities to schools. We also strive for collaboration not only within the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal organization but with area programs and organizations.

Field Trips

Youth Services provides admission, transportation and chaperones for field trips such as college visits, watching sporting events, enjoying a theatrical show or attending a concert. The intent is to provide experience not usually available to our students, depending on available funding.

Parent Committee

Promotes parental involvement that enhances and supports student achievement and well-being.

Parents will be the deciding voice to shape the Youth Services programming needs through recommendations and ideas offered through the Needs Assessment Survey.

The goal of the parent committee is to build a partnership between parents and schools so we can improve student achievement, reduce absenteeism, create positive behaviors and increase confidence among our youth.

Youth Services Staff

Jodele Hammock, Program Manager

Leslee Loran, Education Specialist in the Salmon River High School in classroom number 214. She says that students can expect being that I am an Education Specialist, I try to offer as much individualized help with core classes as I can, As well as having a safe classroom environment for the students to feel comfortable to ask questions about anything they need help with.

She attended Salmon River and SUNY Albany - BA in Mathematics, Minor in Business & Psychology.

Interests outside of work include volleyball, coaching and crafts; and her favorite part of JOM is seeing the students understand something they may have understood when they walked into my classroom.

Favorite JOM trip: SUNY Albany college visit, Alma Mater & lacrosse game.

Anna Thompson, Education Specialist in the Massena Central High School in classroom number 307. She states that students can expect a place to breathe, to be yourself and any academic help you need. Snacks, don't forget snacks.

She attended GVSS and University of South Dakota.

Interests outside of work are beading, basketball: and her favorite part of JOM are her students.

Favorite JOM trip: Zip lining and Promising Futures at Cornell University.

Jordan Thompson, Education Specialist in the Salmon River Middle School located RM 116. He says that students can expect someone to look to for helo with homework, struggles with school as well as a room for students to feel comfortable and safe.

He attended Proctor Academy, NH and SUNY Plattsburgh - BA Studio Art, SUNY Postdam - Masters of Science in Teaching, Grades K-6.

His interests outside of work are pen & ink artwork, (his) children's sports and traveling with family: and his favorite part about JOM is working with students, traveling, providing opportunities for students outside of school.

Favorite JOM trip: Zip lining at Mont Tremblant

Tyler Sunday Jr., Education Specialist, new to the team this year and is looking forward to meeting all our Youth Services clients, stop in the room and say hello!