CALLOUT: Election Board Appeal Panel

Job Closing: Mar 1, 2024

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is seeking one (1) tribal member to serve as a member on the Appeal Panel (the “Panel”) for a one-year term.

The Appeal Panel shall perform all required responsibilities as identified in the Election and Referendum Ordinance (the “Ordinance”) including, but not limited to:

  1. Upon accepting an appointment, each member on the Appeal Panel shall take and sign an oath that shall become part of the Appeal Panel’s records stating that they will serve according to the best of their ability and shall make every effort to undertake review of the Election Board’s decisions and to faithfully execute the Ordinance;
  2. The Appeal Panel members must sign and abide by the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Boards, Commissions, & Committees Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Panel by Tribal Council. Breach of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Boards, Commissions, & Committees Code of Conduct shall result in removal from the Appeal Panel by Tribal Council upon the Appeal Panel’s recommendation;
  3. The Appeal Panel shall adopt by-laws, regulations, and procedures consistent with the Ordinance, as necessary, and shall be responsible for performing their duties in accordance with this Ordinance, their by-laws, policies, and procedures, including carrying out all aspects of reviewing appeals;
  4. 4. The Appeal Panel shall have the power to review submitted appeals free from any outside influence and shall do so in accordance with this Ordinance;
  5. 5. The Appeal Panel shall convene prior to any Annual Election, Special Election, or Referenda to:

a. Select a Chair who will be responsible for managing any appeals that may be filed; and

b. Review and adopt hearing procedures that will be publicly available for the duration of the Annual Election, Special Election, or Referenda;

  1. 6. In the event an appeal is filed, the Chair shall work with the Appeal Panel members to identify any conflicts, actual or perceived, and select two (2) additional members to hear the appeal;
  2. 7. The Chair shall act as the primary spokesperson for the Appeal Panel throughout the appeal process;
  3. 8. The Appeal Panel shall hear the following appeals under the Ordinance, including:

a. Decisions regarding the determination of Candidate eligibility, including determinations regarding a Candidate’s residency; and

Requests to overturn Election and Referendum results, which will only be considered under the following circumstances:

  1. i. That a person declared elected was not qualified to be a Candidate;
  2. That there was a violation of the Ordinance in the conduct of the Referendum or Election that may have changed the result; and
  3. That there was corrupt or fraudulent practice in relation to the Ordinance, on the part of elected officials, Election Board members, or Candidates.
  4. 9. Appeal Panel decisions are final and are not subject to further appeal, such as the Tribal Court;
  5. 10. Complaints of minor procedural violations or error may be addressed, in writing, by the Appeal Panel, but shall not be the basis for either a hearing or overturning an Election or Referendum result.
  6. 11. Prior to the Annual Election, or for any Special Election, Recall Election or Referenda, the Appeal Panel members must declare any actual conflicts of interest or any perceived conflicts of interest.

To serve on the Appeal Panel, individuals must meet the criteria, which include the following:

  • a) Be an enrolled member of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe;
  • b) Submit to and pass a drug test; and
  • c) Submit to and pass the criminal background check, as defined in the Ordinance for Candidates.

To be considered, all qualified candidates must submit a letter of interest and current resume to Cathy Mitchell, Boards and Commissions Manager at or in person/by mail to:

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Office of Boards and Commissions

ATTN: Cathy Mitchell

71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way

Akwesasne, NY 13655

Deadline: March 1, 2024