Brownfields Area 4


Area 4 includes all of the land and rivers found inside the Hogansburg Triangle.

This area of Akwesasne is mostly forests and grasslands where you can find wildlife such as deer, beaver, skunk, porcupine, and rabbits, as well as numerous types of trees with cultural significance.

The Haudenosaunee have a great responsibility toward the trees and this concept is deeply integrated into our culture. The White pine is a representation of peace, its roots extending in all direction spreading that peace, its branched sheltering all who wish to live within the nation and obey its laws. Atop the Tree is an eagle, sentinel to the Haudenosaunee of coming danger.

The maple tree, in its annual cycles, reminds us of our own life cycles. It provides sustenance from sap and sugar. Many trees like witch hazel are medicines and allow us to heal. Trees provide us with nuts and berries which we eat. Trees have an amazing capacity to cool our environment, create oxygen, and cleanse our air (The SRMT Integrated Resource Management Plan March 2009).