Brownfields Public Record


The Brownfields Database organizes information gathered from the community about potential sites for cleanup.

Public Record

The Brownfields database was created to house and organize data about properties in and around Akwesasne. Currently the database contains 31 sites that have been identified by community members as potentially hazardous to the health, environment, and safety of Akwesasne. Data from the site such as address, property owner, possible contaminant, and size is organized and presented in the database along with maps, photos, and links to other information. Sites currently in the database include abandoned marinas, gas stations, automotive repair shops, many locations with buried storage tanks, local junk/scrap yards, a rock quarry (old swimming spot), family dumps, landfills, old buildings, and locations of known large fuel and oils spills.

In 2012, the Brownfields Program will create the “Akwesasne Brownfields Committee” (ABC) which will consist of Akwesasne community members who will help create site prioritization criteria. The database will be used by the ABC in determining which sites are priority and need to be cleaned up first.

The #1 site on the list is called “The Frogtown Site.” This site is categorized as a 4.5 acre family dump. It is now owned by the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe and is being assessed for clean up. The site contains many hazards including exposed and damaged 55 gallon drums with unknown substances, tires, household trash, unmarked gas cylinders, old fuel tanker trucks, and junked cars. There are many hazards to environment, safety, and human health present at this site, especially with a popular public attraction, a dirt racetrack, in close proximity.