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Tribal Caucus Results - Updated 5/4/2015

May 4, 2015

Tribal Clerk:

  1. Corleen Jackson Jacco, nominated by Kaylee Jacco and seconded by Shaylan Jacco
  2. Betty Roundpoint, nominated by Roy Tarbell and seconded by Alexander Roundpoint
  3. Vicki Herne, nominated by Azia Hart and seconded by Renee Hart

Tribal Sub-Chief:

  1. Margaret Ransom, nominated by Lacey Herne and seconded by Frances Jacobs-Felix
  2. Ruth Herne Bell, nominated by Lois Thomas and seconded by Wanda Fuller
  3. Cheryl Jacobs, nominated by Leona Francis and seconded by Terry Garrow
  4. Randi Barreiro, nominated by David White and seconded by Lorretta Rourke
  5. Eric Thompson, nominated by Sally Hamelin and seconded by Alexander Roundpoint

Tribal Chief:

  1. Tracey Sunday-Cook, nominated by Raymond Cook and seconded by Sally Hamelin
  2. Eric Thompson, nominated by Bill Loran and seconded by Harvey Thompson, Sr.
  3. Phillip Tarbell, nominated by Jeffery Tarbell and seconded by Lois Thomas
  4. Peter John Burns, nominated by Pete Burns and seconded by Cecelia Herne
  5. Gloria Herne, nominated by Benjamin Kelly Sr. and seconded by Joseph Jacobs