Tony  David
Tony  David

ENRICHING OUR WORKPLACE - Tony David, Water Resources Manager

Apr 18, 2017

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is proud to continue its monthly series, “Enriching our Workplace,” which highlights tribal staff who have been bestowed with an Employee Enrichment Award for promoting a positive and enjoyable work environment. This month, we recognize and congratulate Tony David for the “Professionalism” and “Integrity” he demonstrates to his co-workers and community members while also making positive impacts on our community.

From Tony’s Enrichment Award Nomination:

“He treats all his staff and colleagues with utmost respect. He exudes a calm and professional demeanor at all times. He cares for our water quality standards, fisheries population assessments and leads the reintroduction of Atlantic Salmon and the rehabilitation of Sturgeon Habitat. He and his team monitor water quality data for safe swimming and our relationship with the U.S. Geological Survey, as we restore the fisheries in Akwesasne.

As part of this professional work, he was tasked with leading a major project and a significant change for the community - oversight of the removal of the Hogansburg Dam. He also educated the community on the real history behind the dam and its impacts on the Akwesasne community and fish species.

He is a wonderful example of our people striving for advanced studies and higher education, and bringing that knowledge back home for our community.”

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