11132020 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard
11132020 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard

SRMT Reports Five New COVID-19 Cases, Nine Active Cases Remain

Nov 13, 2020

AKWESASNE --- The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Emergency Operations Center is reporting five (5) new cases of COVID-19 today — making nine (9) active cases under the Tribe’s jurisdiction. The five (5) new cases make 45 total positive cases that have been reported since the State of Emergency was declared for the Akwesasne community on March 16, 2020.

Twenty-two (22) cases have successfully resolved from COVID-19 however, the recovery figure does not include individuals who reside off-Territory that may have resolved. Those cases were previously included in the Tribe’s report of active cases due to their close relationship to Akwesasne for family, work, school, or other close connection.

The Tribal Council takes this time to extend appreciation to everyone that has shown kindness and acceptance to those that have been or continue to be impacted by COVID-19. Though the community spread of the coronavirus has yet to be adequately contained, we will all get past this difficult time through the care and compassion we have towards one another.

A total of 3,394 tests have been conducted by the Tribe through its mass testing contracts with Massena Hospital and Mountain Medical Services. The number of tests include community members and non-member employees of local businesses and schools who have placed their safety, as well as their family and the Akwesasne community, as a priority.


Community Exposure Rating

With each new case, individuals are being reminded that COVID-19 impacts more than just the one person who tests positive, known as Person “A”. It impacts those who have been in direct contact with the positive case during their infectious stage, who are Person “B” and presumed positive until they receive test results. They must quarantine, monitor symptoms, and remain at home until they are released by a public health official.

The presence of the coronavirus further impacts our community, as those who have been in contact with Person “B”, known as “C”, must now take additional safety measures and daily monitor their symptoms. They had an indirect exposure to COVID-19 and are presumed to be “B” until test results for Person “B” are known.

The above sphere of exposure continues throughout the community until all positive cases have successfully resolved or negative tests are received. This is community transmission that can only be countered with individuals practicing all recommended safety protocols—including avoid gatherings in uncontrolled environments where no safety measures are being followed.

COVID-19 Testing Availability

The EOC is reminding all Akwesasne residents and non-member employees of local businesses and schools that FREE COVID-19 test is available by contacting Massena Hospital at (315) 769-4321, or Mountain Medical Services at (518) 521-3322 in Malone or (315) 705-0700 in Massena. Individuals must call ahead to schedule an appointment — do not drive to test site without an appointment.

There will be an additional drive-thru clinic on Tuesday, November 17th, from 9:00 a.m. until supplies last, at the former-IGA Building, located at 850 Route 37 in Akwesasne. Please watch for announcements of additional drive-thru test clinics that may be scheduled by visiting the Tribe’s website at www.srmt-nsn.gov or follow our Facebook page.

If you have a non-medical emergency matter or require essential items, please call the Tribe’s Emergency Operations Center at (518) 320-0019.


The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council is the duly elected and federally recognized government of the Saint Regis Mohawk People.