Tribe Announces Completion of Road Repair Projects

Sep 21, 2021

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT) is proud to announce the completion of three road repair projects in Akwesasne: Mose Cook Road maintenance, and Roosevelttown Road and the McDonald Road/Snye Road intersection each receiving a new asphalt overlay.

The road projects were completed through Tribal General Fund (TGF), revenue generated primarily by Mohawk Gaming Enterprises and other LLCs within Tewathahon:ni Corporation. This allows SRMT Planning & Infrastructure to augment federal dollars, annual funds which are very limited.

“We do road audits almost every year to help identify the roads that need attention,” explained Planning & Infrastructure Director Colleen Thomas. “Otherwise, whenever we get calls or visits from community members with complaints about their road, Rob Henhawk or Brent Herne do an inspection to determine what work may be needed. If the road needs something more than patching a couple potholes or a new culvert, we add that road to our control schedule so that we can apply BIA Roads Maintenance or Construction money to it. Unless the road is completely failing, it gets added to the annual schedule.

“Unfortunately, this process usually takes multiple years to build up adequate funding. If the condition of the road is so bad it can't wait for the usual process, we apply TGF roads maintenance money; without which we wouldn't be able to meet local needs.”

Well-maintained roads prevent potential accidents, lower future costs for vehicle owners and provide access to employment, social and health services for our community members. Niawen:kowa/Thank you very much to SRMT Planning & Infrastructure, contractor Loran Construction, NYSDOT Maintenance crew, and DTC trucking, for working together diligently to keep our community safe and accessible.