08032022 SRMT CIRC High School Summer Interns Group Photo 2
08032022 SRMT CIRC High School Summer Interns Group Photo 2

Roswell Park Center for Indigenous Cancer Research Visits Akwesasne Students

Aug 3, 2022

Akwesasne students participating in the four-week Saint Regis Mohawk Research Scholars Program received a visit today by Roswell Park’s Center for Indigenous Cancer Research (CICR); program partner for the Akwesasne Research Center for Health (ARCH) who is helping lead the student’s exploration into the health field. Fourteen (14) Mohawk students are learning about cancer and the social determinants of health, which will culminate in poster presentations during their graduation ceremony taking place on August 12th at the Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffalo, New York. Pictured above are Roswell Park CICR Director Rodney Haring, PhD; CICR Clinical Research Associate Corrinne Abrams; ARCH Student Enhancement Coordinator Lauralee Lazore; Tribal Chief Ron LaFrance; Director of Education Stephanie Cook; Assistant Director of Education Courtney Thomas; Career Pathway Summer workers Keeya Capton, Jasmine Pyke, and Benjamin Kelly; and students Kaia Swamp, Rarihwenhawi Lazore, Rakwirahes Pembleton, Tehawisiiaks Sharrow, Kakwiwanoron Thompson, Brody Lebehn, Joely Swamp, Portia Wheeler, and Jorden Sunday (Missing from photo: Jianna Lazore, Azalea Lazore, Logan White, Nicholas White, and Tekaieren't Tabor).


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