Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Recognizes Years of Service

Aug 7, 2013

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe hosted an employee recognition ceremony at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort on Friday, July 26, 2013 with over 65 associates in attendance. The ceremony, hosted in the new banquet center at the casino, provided an elegant setting in addition to an upscale brunch.

The employee recognition ceremony occurs annually and cites associates who have worked under the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Divisions or Programs for a minimum of five years. The longest tenure celebrated this year was shared with Brian Herne, Facilities Department who started at the Tribe in 1979.

Chief Ron Lafrance, Jr. spoke briefly on the efforts and importance of staff dedication. He states, “The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe depends on the staff to ensure this organization is here for the people and today we commemorate their efforts and congratulate them on years of service.”

Anthony Tillman, Employee Relations Specialist, emceed the event and announced each staff member and personally thanked each for the hard work and dedication they’ve provided over the years.

In addition to citing names and departments worked, each associate received a gift on behalf of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe. Five year associates received a mug, ten year recipients received a Jordan Thompson art rendering, fifteen years also received a rendering from Thompson and twenty year received a Phyl Tahy designed clock. Each recipient received time off as well as their gift.

The 25 and 30 year recipients received authentic sweetgrass baskets while the 35 year recipient veteran, Brian Herne was given a large splint pack basket.








Five Year

Amanda M. Adams, Compliance

Henry J. Arquette, Home Improvement Program

Barbara Barish, Finance

Barbara Benedict, Social Services

Chandra Caldwell, Individual Residential Alternatives

Hailey E. Cartier, Intensive Preventive Program

Clarissa M. Chatland, Division of Social Services

Faron Cole, Tribal Police

Donald W. Comins, Maintenance

James Costello, Environment

Wayne M. Francis, Three Sisters

Amanda Garrow, Health Services – Partridge House

Dana L. Gibson, Individual Residential Alternatives

Barbara A. Gray, Tribal Courts

Frank CD Hill, Tribal Gaming

Marlee Jock, Tribal Gaming

Racine Johnson, Intensive Preventive Program

Reva M. Kelley, Individual Residential Alternatives

Kim Lauzon McElwain, Health Services - Nutrition

Jerome McDonald, Tribal Gaming

Lawrence Martin, Health Services – Partridge House

Rebecca Martin, Health Services – Outreach Chronic Care Nursing

Diane M. Miller, Health Services – Medical Clinic

Kimberly A. Moffitt, Early Childhood Development

Amber Montour, Social Services - Administration

John Murphy, Health Services – Partridge House

Setanta O'Ceillaigh, Environment

Heather Pontius, Health Services – Let’s Get Healthy

Bobby Rubado, Office for the Aging

Anez Smith, Individual Residential Alternatives

Robert D. Sunday, Tribal Police

Jory Tarbell, Tribal Gaming

Peter J. Terrance, Health Services – Partridge House

Joseph J. Thompson, Planning & Infrastructure

Rosemary L. Thompson, Individual Residential Alternatives

10 Year

Daniel Benedict, Environment

Anthony David, Environment

Michele D. Grant-Barnes, Intensive Preventive Program

Dana Henhawk, Health Services – Mental Health

Robert Henhawk, Planning & Infrastructure

Lorene Herne, Tribal Gaming

Derrick King, Grants & Contracts

Katrina Jacobs, Emergency Planning

Rosemarie Jacobs, Health Services - Business Office

Wanda Jacobs, Early Childhood Development

Jessica L. Jock, Environment

Arthur S. Monacelli, Maintenance

Nancy Oakes, Intensive Preventive Program

Robert Paquin, Individual Residential Alternatives

Teresa M. Pryce, Footprints Respite Autism

Darline Phelps, Footprints Respite Autism

Adam Z. Stoyer, Individual Residential Alternatives

Cassidi J. Thompson, Child Protective Services

15 year

Hattie A. Bashaw, Finance

Walter Bero, Planning & Infrastructure

Melissa Conners, Mental Health

Mark H. Garrow, Tribal Gaming

Kelly F. Jackson, Let’s Get Healthy

Alexander Jock, Tribal Police

Gilbert Lazare, Tribal Police

Nicole Meacham, Health Services Laboratory

Betty J. Roundpoint, Tribal Administration

Matthew Rourke, Tribal Police

James Snyder, Environment

20 year

Aimee Benedict, Public Information

Marie Benedict, Maintenance

Roderick A Cook, Higher Education

Heather Durant, Family Support

Catherine K. Gray, Tribal Gaming

Louise Ingle, Health Services – Outreach Chronic Care Nursing

Barbara Kelly, Finance

Agatha Thompson, Social Services - Administration

Carol R. Whelan, Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Outpatient

Vicki Wood, Finance

25 Years

Doris Thomas, Office for the Aging

Gloria Herne, Finance

April Jacobs, Health Services – Business Office

30 Years

Sharon Thompson, Food Distribution

Florence I. Cook, Health Services – Business Office

35 Years

Brian Herne, Maintenance

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For more information contact the Public Information office at 518-358-2272.

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