Project Sticker Shock Targets Underage Drinking

Jan 8, 2014

During the month of December, local community youth, the Alcohol/Chemical Dependency Prevention Program (A/CDP) and the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Compliance Department joined forces to promote “Project Sticker Shock,” a youth initiative intended to educate our public about the perils of providing alcohol to minors. The program participants place stickers on alcoholic beverages in stores, reinforcing the penalties of purchasing alcohol for minors with a reminder stating, “IT IS ILLEGAL TO PROVIDE ALCOHOL FOR ANYONE UNDER 21!”

“This is a stellar example of public education and law enforcement working together to have a positive community impact. Together, we can stop the sale of alcohol to minors”, states Sub-Chief Eric Thompson. A recent survey confirmed alcohol is the number one drug of choice among our youth. Underage drinking is a community concern; the most effective way to address underage drinking is through community involvement and participation.

Both our Youth Leaders and the A/CDP Prevention Program thank Carrie Benedict of the SRMT Compliance department for her assistance. Carrie stated, “It has been my pleasure in assisting the A/CDP program and youth leaders with this very important prevention strategy. With community and social awareness comes a greater demand for responsibility, especially for those who sell alcohol in our community. Project Sticker Shock is a positive and effective way to get our message across”.

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe thanks the following businesses for their participation in this prevention initiative:
CT Convenience Store, Akwesasne
Truck Stop #9, Akwesasne
Akwesasne Mini Mart, Akwesasne
Twin Leaf Diner, Fort Covington
Twin Leaf Express, Akwesasne
Collette’s One Stop, Bombay
Big Boys Gas, Akwesasne
Borderline, Akwesasne
Speedway Convenience, Akwesasne
AK Gas, Akwesasne


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For further information, please contact Melerena Back, CPS, A/CDP Prevention Program at 518-358-2967.