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Callout for Tribal Residency Board Member

Aug 7, 2020



The recently enacted Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Residency Ordinance 2019-28 (the “Ordinance”) will be administered by a “Tribal Residency Board.” The Ordinance requires the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council (“Tribal Council”) to appoint the initial Board with a Tribal Council Resolution. Tribal Council is now seeking one (1) qualified candidate to fill a vacancy on the initial Board. Once the vacancy is filled the successful candidate will be appointed to fulfill the vacant position’s term. After the initial term ends, each initial Board Member shall be elected and must satisfy all qualification requirements applicable to elected officials.

Under the Ordinance, Board Members (appointed and elected) at a minimum must satisfy all of the requirements applicable to elected officials:

1. Be a Member of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe;

2. Be at least twenty-five (25) years old (on date of appointment or election);

3. Be of good moral character and not have been convicted of a serious crime as defined in the Tribe’s Election and Referendum Ordinance, as amended;

4. Be willing to take, and must pass, a background check administered by the Tribe and/or Tribal Police;

5. Preference will be given to candidates who possess at least a two (2) year of degree from an accredited college or university for the initial appointed Board.

For the initial Board, preference will be given to individuals who are:

1. Willing and capable of maintaining communications through technology (email, texts, mobile phone) so as to be accessible to the Board; and

2. Possess at least a two (2) year of degree from an accredited college or university for the initial appointed Board.

Once appointed, Residency Board Members must fulfill certain duties and responsibilities, including, but not limited to the following:

▪ Adhere to Board By-Laws and be responsible for performing its duties in accordance with the Ordinance, including drafting any regulations or hearing procedures in compliance with Tribal law;

▪ Administer and distribute Residency Permit forms and applications;

▪ Make all decisions required by the Board as set forth in the Ordinance and in Board Regulations. This shall include, at a minimum, decisions regarding qualifications of applications for Residency Permits, renewal and revocation of Permits;

▪ Maintain accurate and organized records regarding Board activities and all actions the Board takes under this Ordinance including all of its decisions regarding residency. This may also include creating a Database of all Residency Permits and related data; and

▪ Report to the Tribal Council and Tribal Clerk on a regular basis on its activities.

Board members will receive compensation set by the Tribal Council, in accordance with TCR 2019-38.

All qualified candidates must submit a letter of interest and current resume to Cathy Mitchell, Executive Assistant/Board Liaison, at or in person/by mail by August 28, 2020 to:

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

Attention: Cathy Mitchell

71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way

Akwesasne, NY 13655