Tribal Election Board

Election Board members are appointed by Tribal Council. To serve on the Election Board, members must meet the criteria of an eligible voter. The Election Board members ensure, direct and manage the security and integrity of caucus, elections and referendums in accordance with the Election and Referendum Ordinance.

Election Board Members:
Deborah Terrance, Chair
Jamie Ross
Elizabeth McDonald
Samantha Phillips, Alternate
Kristopher Johnson, Alternate

Election Board Appeal Panel:
Breanne Herne, Chair
Cecelia Mitchell
Brandon Smoke
Courtney Jacobs
Mia McDonald

Appeal Panel Policy and Procedures for Hearings

Appeal Panel Resolution 2023-01

The Saint Regis Mohawk Election Board can be reached by phone at (518) 358-2272 ext. 2167 or email at

Voter Identification - Frequently Asked Questions