Black Bear Sighted on McGee Road

Jul 5, 2011

Sightings Reported to Tribal Police

On Tuesday June 28, 2011, a community member reported a seeing a bear near the water tower on McGee Road. It was reported to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Police. The first sighting was followed by a second one near the Hogansburg Dam approximately a half hour later. The reported sighting was a lone bear. It’s not clear why the bear has migrated to the area, but bear sightings within the county and state have been on the rise recently. The population of bears is increasing and with encroachment into bear territories, an increase in contact between bears and humans can be expected. The bear may be in the Akwesasne area due to dispersal and probably is not a concern unless the sightings become repetitive. Sighting a black bear is not unusual.

Animal Control Officer Herne advised, “There is no need to panic. Bears are generally more afraid of humans who pose more of a risk to the bear than the bear does to humans. A bear sighting does not necessarily indicate a problem.” Community members are advised to follow these steps to avoid attracting bears to the area. Since bird feeders are highly attractive to bears, they are not recommended. Ensure garbage and all garbage containers are secure. Also ensure grills are cleaned thoroughly after use. The smell attracts bears. Do not feed your pets outdoors. If you do feed your pet outdoors, remove dishes and any food when they are finished eating. Remember-if you remove the food, you remove the bears. It is extremely important that we prevent the bear from learning that humans can provide a source of the food to the bear. If you continue providing a source of food to bears they will not go away.

The bear can become a nuisance if these recommendations are not followed and removal of the bear may become necessary. If you do have a sighting of the bear note the location, time of day and direction in which the bear may be traveling and report it to SRMT Animal Control Program. This way, officials can establish whether the bears may remain in the area or are just passing through. If you feel you are in imminent danger and in need of assistance contact the SRMT Police immediately. If you would like more information you may contact the Animal Control Program Officers at 518-358-2272 ext 282 or 162.

For more information contact David T. Staddon, Director of Public Information at 518-358-2272 ext. 286

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