Free Yard Tree Service Available - Community Announcement

Apr 30, 2013

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, Environment Division is offering community members an opportunity to assess their yard trees at no cost to them. As part of the Tribe's Urban and Community Forestry project the Environment Division will be assessing trees throughout the US side of the reservation by identifying yard trees, their health and numbers. This is the first step toward developing a community wide tree planting program for homes and businesses to promote air and water quality, increase the energy efficiency of buildings and to design community plantings that reflect cultural values.

Community members who would like to participate in this project can call the Environment Division to become part of the project. Participants will receive a tree assessment report including a tree selection and planting guide, literature on the benefits of trees for homes and buildings and be placed on a list for future planting efforts.

The project is limited to six weeks this year so don't delay, get signed on now to reserve your place in the list. Please call the Environment Division at (518) 358-5937 to have your name added to a list, providing name, street address and phone number. The deadline for sign up is May 31, 2013.