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Tribe Completes Review of GM Landfill Excavation Work Plan

Oct 17, 2014

Akwesasne, NY - The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Environment Division completed its review of Racer Trust’s work plan to create a 150-foot setback between the industrial landfill, the old GM fence line and the St. Lawrence River. The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the work plan. Excavation work is scheduled to begin October 21, 2014 and completed by November 21, 2014.

Work will begin at the southeast corner of the landfill and progress north along the GM fence line to the back end of Turtle Cove. Next year’s work will begin at the back end of the cove and progress northwest along the St. Lawrence River. Once this work is completed, a permanent cap will be built over the old cap extending over the east disposal area (EDA). A groundwater collection system and monitoring network will also be installed.

The majority of the waste material from the setback excavation will be consolidated in the EDA. Saturated oily soils uncovered during this year’s project will be sent off-site to a secure landfill in Indiana. Storm water control features will be in place to contain the water in the excavation areas. Three high volume PCB air monitors are set up on residential property in Raquette Point.

Air quality will be monitored throughout this project to make sure the community’s health is protected. People living in the area can expect to experience an increase in noise and odor due to construction activity. Steps will be taken to control the dust and odor on-site, including spraying the excavation surface with an odor suppressing foam. Two dust control fences will be set up to act as a wind block which will help contain air emissions on site. The first fence will be 10 feet high and will be adjacent to the property line. If necessary, a second fence will placed 20 feet high along the top of the landfill.

Monitoring results are available online at If you have any questions, please contact Craig Arquette at 518-358-5937 ext.119.

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