Massena Fiber
Massena Fiber

North Country Broadband Lights Up Fiber In Massena

Nov 20, 2017

Mohawk Networks’ Subsidiary Expands 10 Gigabyte Network

Akwesasne, NY — North Country Broadband Inc. (NCBB); a subsidiary of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s broadband company Mohawk Networks, LLC; has activated a fiber to the home network in Massena, NY. Beginning in November 2017, fourteen miles of fiber optic cable now connects homes and businesses along the Grasse River, with expansion plans to serve the downtown area by the summer of 2018.

Allyson Doctor, Mohawk Networks Interim CEO, shared, “While cable is fast, fiber is faster and more reliable. The Mohawk Networks installation team has been working with test customers in the area between Alcoa and the Grasse River Project site. We’ve met with key leaders in the town of Massena, shared our expansion plans and we’re ready to begin serving customers. Our goal is to deliver speed and reliability to the North Country to meet the demands of our region.”

Fiber optic internet sends data faster than basic cable; as it is delivered on a dedicated line that sends information via small, flexible strands of glass that transmit light. This allows data to be sent faster over greater distances and enables more consistent speeds than cable, even during peak usage times. Fiber optic internet is considered more reliable because it is immune to many of the conditions that cable internet is susceptible to. Because fiber optic internet is made of glass, there is no electricity involved. This protects it against interference from nearby power lines or high voltage electrical equipment, making fiber optic networks less likely to experience outages during storms. North Country Broadband works with regional industry leader Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) to feed their fiber optic network.

Massena Rotary Club Past President, Nancy Smith-Weller and Sub-Committee Chair of the Massena Moving Forward (MMF) Coalition’s Broadband Initiative expressed, “North Country Broadband is delivering innovative technology to provide Massena with a 10 Gig network. The company works with regional industry leader Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) to feed their fiber optic network. We’re including North Country Broadband in infrastructure development and planning for the revitalization of Massena because they are so well-positioned. MMF is excited to work with NCBB — they bring innovation, speed and choice to our community. This is a huge economic driver and vital to Massena’s future.”

Mohawk Networks, LLC is owned by the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Tewathahonni Corporation and managed by a seven-person Board that includes members of Tribal Council and business leaders from the community of Akwesasne. It’s subsidiary, North Country Broadband Inc., is actively deploying high speed internet services to underserved and unserved regions in Northern New York.

For more information, please email Claudia Tarbell at or call (518) 358-2105 Ext. 1111.

PHOTO CAPTION: North Country Broadband Installer Technician Jacob Burk fusion splices distribution fiber inside an aerial enclosure for the company’s 10 Gigabyte network in Massena, NY.

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