Closing Seed Cermony December 2020
Closing Seed Cermony December 2020

Closing Seed Ceremony Conducted for Indian Meadows Replanting Season

Dec 9, 2020

AKWESASNE – The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge Consultant, Sateiokwen Bucktooth, conducted a seed ceremony with a tobacco burning on Friday, December 4th to close the replanting season of Mohawk traditional medicinal seeds and food plants along the lower Grasse River.

Due to the recent increase in COVID cases in the North Country, no community groups were included in ceremony to keep public safety measures intact.

Remediation of contaminated soils and sediments will continue in the Arconic (former Alcoa) Superfund area along the lower Grasse River in 2021. The restoration phase of the project will continue for several years to restore Mohawk traditional use including the re-plantings, mussel propagation, fish consumption, wild rice planting and habitat assessments.

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