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SRMT Announces COVID-19 Household Disaster Relief Program

Jun 16, 2020

AKWESASNE – The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe has received funding from the U.S. Treasury Department under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to assist with expenditures for COVID-19 response. Under the mandate of the CARES Act, the federal relief funds disbursed to the Tribe may only be used to cover:

· Necessary expenditures incurred due to the public health emergency with respect to COVID–19;

· Expenditures that were not accounted for in the most recently approved budget, as of the date of enactment of the CARES Act; and

· Expenditures incurred during the period that begins on March 1, 2020, and ends on December 30, 2020.

With the CARES funding, the Tribe is implementing a “COVID-19 Household Disaster Relief Program” intended for tribal member households, as identified in the Tribe’s 2020 Heating Assistance Program, and residing in the 15-mile radius on the southern portion of Akwesasne. The COVID-19 Household Disaster Relief Program will include:

· A one-time financial distribution to the Tribal Member identified as the Head of Household, and shall be intended for food, shelter, and other household needs;

· Direct payment to the Tribal Member Head of Household’s broadband (internet) provider, beginning in August 2020. Tribal Member households that do not currently have a broadband connection may be eligible for a tribally sponsored connection;

· Direct payment to the Tribal Member Head of Household’s electricity provider, beginning in July 2020;

· Home Cooling - Air conditioning (AC) units for those in need, to be distributed by the end of July 2020. AC units will be distributed first to elders, families identified within LIHEAP and the Family Advocate Program, and then to households on-territory. Community members who reside within the 15-mile radius, but off-territory will be given a pick-up date to be determined;

· Direct payment to the Tribal Member Head of Household’s fuel accounts, beginning in Fall 2020, as administered by the Tribe’s Compliance Department.

The Tribe’s Compliance Department is coordinating the distribution of the disaster relief funds, which requires certain information from the Head of Household. Eligible households will receive a letter with an enclosed form that must be submitted by Friday, June 26, 2020 to the Compliance Department.

If you need assistance to help with emergency food and other basic needs, please contact the Tribe’s Office of the Family Advocate.


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