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Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Election Board Certifies Special Election and Referendum Results

Nov 10, 2022

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Election Board has certified the results from the October 29th , 2022, election for the positions of 1 Residency Board Member Three-Year Term, 2 Residency Board Members Two-Year Term, 2 Residency Board Members One-Year Term, and 1 Residency Board Member Alternate One-Year Term. The position of Residency Board Alternate Two-Year Term is vacant since the person who received the highest votes could not take the position since she was elected to another position. This seat will be filled during a special election to be held at the same time as the annual election in June 2023. The Referendum to approve the amendments to the Election Board Ordinance passed and will be certified by TCR.

Following the election, the Election Board received one appeal by the posted deadline. In accordance with Tribal Council Resolution 2021-59, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Election and Referendum Ordinance, the Election Board convened to determine the course of action to be taken on the appeal.

The appeal was regarding the Referendum to approve the Amended Election and Referendum Ordinance (TCR 2022-35). The Election Board found that all of the procedures for conducting the Referendum were followed appropriately so the appeal was dismissed. The appellant has been notified of the Election Boards decision within the time limits required by the Ordinance.

The Election Board congratulates all of the newly elected Members and Alternate for the Residency Board. We also want to thank the community for approving the amendments to the Ordinance.