SRMT Non Member Fishing Sign 220325 130526
SRMT Non Member Fishing Sign 220325 130526

SRMT Non-Member Fishing Permit Reminder

Mar 25, 2022

AKWESASNE — With the arrival of spring earlier this week, many fishermen are anxious to unwrap their boats and put them in the water to begin fishing. Before doing so however, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Compliance Department is kindly reminding non-members that fishing in Akwesasne’s territorial waters is an inherent and protected right of members.

Non-members who are seeking to fish in the Akwesasne Territory must obtain a fishing permit pursuant to the Tribe’s Non-Member Fishing Permit Regulations and Law (TCR 2011-52). Amended in 2014 in cooperation with tribal fishermen, the fishing regulation further protects our community’s fish resource by not permitting non-member fishing until June 1st.

Non-members are only allowed to fish during a closed season if they are accompanied by a registered tribal fishing guide. This is limited to the tributary waterways of the St. Lawrence River, known as the St. Regis River and Raquette River, southward through the Tribe's jurisdiction.

The Non-Member Fishing Permit Regulations apply to all non-tribal members and specifies permit requirements, regulations, size limits, and daily allowances. It is enforced by the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Compliance Department and any violations may result in a fine and the Non-Member Fishing Permit being revoked.

We kindly ask all fishermen to please abide by the Tribe’s Non-Member Fishing Regulations and to support our community’s efforts to preserve and protect Akwesasne’s natural resources by not fishing in any spawning beds or nesting areas, as well as to practice catch and release for female fish that are still carrying eggs.

To enhance the walleye population, the Environment Division is recommending that fishermen please refrain from conducting large harvests during the spawning season and to limit your catch size to a minimum of 15 inches and a maximum size of 22 inches.

We appreciate your compliance and cooperation, as we work together to build a healthy and prosperous environment for the enjoyment of all community members.

For more information, please contact the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Compliance Department at (518) 358-2273 or visit their office at 28 Okwarine Road in Akwesasne.


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