Lands and Realty Office


Lands and Deeds
Tribal Clerk's Office
Weekdays, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 518-358-2272

Mission: To respond to community members needs with respect to any issue concerning private or tribal land.

A simple phone call, e-mail or in-person visit can yield answers to common questions about individual land parcels, 911 addresses, ownership, acreages, aerial photographic maps, road systems, contour elevations, soil types, forest cover, housing, rivers, population and tribal facilities. Other specialized services range from measuring true distances on a map, measuring areas instantly to see the amount of acres, superimposing current aerial photo data with older data such as where shorelines were before the seaway, where farmlands or forests existed formerly, previous fence-lines and boundaries and much more. Still other services involve research of land files for such aspects as chain of title, wills and testaments, and land descriptions but is limited to the owners of the specific file or someone with express permission to view them. Any one of the above mentioned services could be turned into a printed out form of a map or sent digitally. There are also other maps available for distribution such as a road map, tribal facilities map, land claims area map, aerial maps or maps of individual land parcels.