Animal Control Program to Assess Fees for Pickups

Jan 14, 2011

Akwesasne Territory— Effective immediately, the SRMT Animal Control Program will now be implementing a redemption fee. This means if a dog is picked up by the Animal control officer, the owner will now have to pay to get it back. The charge is $15.00 per day. No exceptions will be permitted. Owners picking up pets will also need proof of a current rabies vaccination before the dog can be released. If the owner cannot provide proof of a current rabies vaccination, one will be given to the dog and a charge assessed for the vaccination. The cost for the vaccination is $25.00. The dog will also be required to have an ID tag. The cost of the tag is $5.00. The Animal Control Ordinance states that all animals shall be kept under restraint and an owner must ensure that his animal is not a nuisance in any way to the general public.

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