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Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Amends Non-Member Fishing Regulations

Apr 16, 2014

Clarifies Fishing Seasons

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Council has recently approved an amendment to the Non-Member Fishing Permit Requirements and Law (TCR 2011-52) The SRMT Compliance Department, in collaboration with Tribal Members who are avid fisherman, recommended changes to protect the fishing resources during spawning seasons.

The previous regulation stated that "A non-member may not fish during the closed season for any species within the Tribe's jurisdiction."

Therefore the Compliance Department is informing Akwesasne and the surrounding communities that the following supplement was made:

"A non-member may not fish during a closed season for any species within the tributary waterways of the St. Lawrence River, known as the St. Regis River and Raquette River, from the (mouths) location that they enter the St. Lawrence River upstream through the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe's jurisdiction. This includes catch and release (sport fishing) during a closed season of a species." (TCR 2014-07)

"The tribal community, for years, has had concerns about non-members over-fishing at a time when the fish are set to spawn. This policy will curtail that action and hopefully replenish our fish stock." stated Chief Ron LaFrance.

Copies of the amended SRMT Non-Member Fishing Regulations, applications and any additional information are available at the Compliance Department located on the third floor of the Community Building or upon request. If you have any questions or would like to request any of these documents please contact the Compliance Department at (518) 358-2272.

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For more information contact the Communications Department at 518-358-2272.