PUBLIC NOTICE - Bulky Item Clean Up

Jul 30, 2020

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Solid Waste Management Program will be offering a COVID-19 Contaminated Material Removal Program free of charge. This program is made possible through CARES Act funding and will begin August 5, 2020 in different areas of the community; please see attached map.

This initiative is in response to the COVID-19 health emergency. The objective is to eliminate the bulky materials from homes, making it easier to sanitize in the effort to prevent the spread of the virus.

This special collection service does not include your regular household waste. The Tribe will collect the following bulk items: old furniture, mattresses, appliances, televisions, computers and computer monitors. Only SANITIZED bulky items, white goods and scrap metal will be collected.

Non-acceptable materials: hazardous waste: paints, paint cans, waste oil, anti-freeze, asbestos containing materials, paint thinner, cleaning products, household trash, materials containing and/or leaking liquids, yard equipment, radioactive materials, PCB containing materials, and lead/acid batteries.

In order to have your bulky items collected,

1. Locate your house and determine which area you live in.

2. Sanitize/disinfect all bulky materials to be discarded.

3. Place your bulky materials at the road two days prior to your area’s collection dates.

4. The Tribe will pick up your materials during your area’s collection dates.

5. The Tribe will not come back to collect materials if you put them out after your area has been collected.

Area 1.

Dates: 8/ 5 - 8/14/20

Herne Road

Tony Cole Rd.

Raquette Pt. Rd.

Indian Village Rd.

Okwaho Rd.

Oakes Rd.

Thompson Lane

Lafrance Rd.

Ransom Rd./Ransom Ln.

Laughing Rd.

Jimmy White Rd.

Tony Barnes Rd.

Area 2.

Dates: 8/ 17 - 8/25/20

State Rte. 37 (west of 4 corners)

Conners Rd. & Louis Conners Rd.

Okwarine Road

Rooseveltown Rd.

Library Rd.

Alex Lane

White Rd.

Angie Rd.

Longhouse Rd.

Melvin Rd.

Frogtown Rd.

Frank Terrance Road

Eagle Drive

Cole Rd.

Solomon Rd.

Christine Lane

Stelin Drive

McNeil Rd.

Helena Rd.

Church St. (south)

Dickie Meml. Drive

Area 3.

Dates: 8/26 - 9/4/20 (extended)

St. Regis Road

Pyke Rd/Sarah Lane

Terrance Drive

Rourke Road

McGee Rd.

Andrew Johnson Rd.

Laffin Lane/Cletus Laffin

Cree Rd/Sanitation Rd

Sit N Bull Ln/Benedict Ln/ Geronimo Lane

Gray St./River St./ North Street

Square Rd.

Brown Rd

Tom White Road

Bigtree Lane

Area 4.

Dates: 9/8 - 9/29/20

State Rte. 37 (East of 4 corners)

State Rte. 37 c

Mill St./Park St./Pearl St.

Bernard Keenan Rd.

Mary Rd.

Blair Rd.

Firewall Lane

County Rte. 95

Jock Rd.

Beaver Meadow Rd.

Swamp Rd.

David Lane

Jacobs Rd.

Porter Lane

Area 5.

Dates: 9/30 - 10/9/2020

Tarbell Rd.

Cook Farm Lane

Jade Benedict Meml. Dr.

Smoke Rd.

Mose Cook Rd.

Sweetgrass Lane

River Rd.

Kanawakoh Road

Leo Swamp Rd.

Phillips Rd.

Andrew David Lane

Border Rd.

Drum Street Rd.

McDonald Rd.

Arquette Circle

Gray Bear Rd./Heart Rd.

For more information, contact the Transfer Station at (518) 358-4632.