05282021 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard
05282021 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard

Tribe’s EOC Reports Zero New COVID-19 Cases: 1 Total Active

May 28, 2021

AKWESASNE — The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Emergency Operations Center is reporting no new cases of COVID-19 under the Tribe’s jurisdiction however, one (1) active case remains. There are also no community members in quarantine, which hasn’t been seen since May 20th. We extend appreciation to those who are doing their part keeping our case numbers low, which includes those who continue to wear a mask in public places and have received the COVID-19 Vaccine. Niawenkó:wa/Thank you very much!


The Emergency Operations Center is reminding community members and guests that despite NYS and the CDC easing its guidance; masks must still be worn where they are required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulation. As a result, individuals are still required to properly wear a mask in all public places within the Tribe’s jurisdiction, including at local businesses and workplaces.

Until more people get vaccinated, it is still important to maintain safety measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These precautions help protect those who cannot receive the vaccine due to age or health condition and include wearing a face mask, practicing social distancing, and washing your hands frequently with soap and water or using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

If you have a non-emergency matter, please call the Emergency Operations Center at (518) 320-0019; Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.