TVR Program Services

TVR has a wide range of services that can be provided to our consumers. Services selected and provided are tailored uniquely to each individual and their employment goals so that no two plans are identical.

Our services include:

  • Assessments for determining eligibility and Vocational Rehabilitation needs
  • VR guidance and counseling
  • Referral and other services necessary to help applicants and eligible individuals secure needed services from other agencies and to advise those individuals about client assistance programs (CAP)
  • Physical and mental restoration services
  • Vocational and other training services
  • Maintenance
  • Transportation in connection with rendering of any vocational rehabilitation services
  • Vocational rehabilitation services to family members of an applicant or eligible individual if necessary to enable the applicant or eligible individual to achieve an employment outcome
  • Interpreter services for individuals who are deaf and tactile interpreting services for individuals who are deaf-blind
  • Reader services, rehabilitation teaching services, and orientation and mobility services for individuals who are blind
  • Recruitment and training services to provide new employment opportunities in the fields of rehabilitation, health, welfare, public safety, law enforcement, and other appropriate public service employment
  • Job search and placement assistance and job retention services
  • Supported employment services
  • Personal assistance services
  • Post-employment services
  • Occupational licenses, tools, equipment, initial stocks and supplies
  • Rehabilitation technology
  • Transition services
  • Other goods and services determined necessary for the individual with a disability to achieve an employment outcome