Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA)

In 2013, the federal government, the State of New York and the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe have announced a $20.1 million settlement with Alcoa Inc. and Reynolds Metals Company for injuries to natural resources, recreational fishing, and Mohawk culture due to the release of hazardous substances into the St. Lawrence River environment. This Administrative Record contains all documents related to laws and regulations, judicial actions, Trustee management, financial agreements, public outreach, and final reports as a result of the NRDA settlement. Contact for more information.

Administrative Record

The Administrative Record holds all documents related to the NRDA settlement. To request access to the Administrative Record, please fill out the form below and email to

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Cultural Restoration

Approximately $8.4 million from the 2013 Alcoa/Reynolds settlement will support traditional Mohawk cultural practices including the Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program which is a Master/Apprenticeship program that teaches Mohawk language and traditional teachings and Institutional Funding Grants that support other Akwesasne-based organizations that teach language and cultural activities.

Cultural Restoration Fact Sheet

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ACR PowerPoint Presentation

Onkwarihwashon'a (Our Matters) - Akwesasne Cultural Restoration (2017)

Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program (2016)

Akwasasne Cultural Restoration Program (2015)

Mohawk Culture Revitalization

Ecological Restoration

More than $10 million from the GM and Alcoa/Reynolds settlements will be spent on a variety of ecological restoration projects, including restoration and/or enhancement of wetlands, streambanks, native grasslands, bird nesting and roosting habitat, fisheries and fish habitat and acquisition of unique habitat under threat of development.

Ecological Restoration Projects Factsheets

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Ecological Restoration

Nearly $2 million will be spent by Alcoa/Reynolds to develop and upgrade two boat launches on the Raquette River and construct three new launches on the Grasse River to improve fishing and boating access to rivers in the Massena area.

Recreational Fishing Fact Sheet