Brownfields is a property that is, or has the potential to be, contaminated. SRMT Brownfields is currently working on three projects within the Akwesasne community; abandoned structures, community-wide petroleum assessments and open dumps.

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Abandoned Structures

The abandoned structures project assesses and removes structures that are no longer in use or damaged. The assessment includes a search for previous uses of the property, whether it may contain hazardous waste such as old fuel tanks and paint, oil and chemicals cans. Some older homes were built with materials containing asbestos which requires special care in removing and hauling away the debris. The structures can be homes, garages, outbuildings and former businesses.

With funding from the USEPA, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Tribal General Funds, the project has removed 21 structures, five of which were suspected of containing asbestos (up to 2022). Due to unsafe conditions, they were not able to be tested and were removed as if they did contain asbestos. Ensuring safety to the neighboring buildings, SRMT used a licensed contractor and had very strict policies and procedures.

Because of a large waiting list, the project will not be taking any new applications at this time.

Community-Wide Petroleum Project

The community-wide petroleum project conducts environmental assessments on petroleum businesses that are no longer in operation. It consists of Phase l and ll assessments to determine if products have spilled into the soil and require clean up. The assessments are conducted with no cost to the property owners.

One former gas station has received both Phase I and II assessments and has been cleared for re-use or redevelopment. Another property has had a Phase I assessment completed and is currently waiting for the Phase II report. The Phase II assessment involved collecting groundwater and soil samples from the property. The purpose is to determine if the property is contaminated due to prior petroleum bulk storage activities. The final report is currently being written. If the report determines no contamination, then the property owner, if they so choose too, has the information needed to safely redevelop the site.

Open Dumps

The Frogtown dump is a very old community dump site that is now closed. It contains acres of solid waste, construction debris and tires. Environmental assessments have been completed and a cleanup plan is being designed. In order to prevent trespassing and further dumping, a fence was installed between the dump and a neighboring property paid for with Brownfields grant funds.

Akwesasne Brownfields Committee (ABC)

Akwesasne Brownfields Committee is a volunteer group made up of community members and various employees of the Tribe. This group meets quarterly to participate in discussions and planning meetings concerning Brownfields sites and plans for clean-up. The ABC will draw on the skills and interests of a diverse group of people from health, safety, economic development, leadership, business, and any other backgrounds, to help build an idea of community concerns and priorities for potential Brownfields sites. If you are interested in participating in these discussions, please contact the Environment Division offices at (518) 358-5937.

Public Record (updated 6/12/2023)

Abandoned Structure TypeLocationStatus or Year Completed

Raquette Point Road

HouseJock Road2019
HouseFrogtown Road2021
HouseRooseveltown Road2021
HouseState Route 372021
HouseSt. Regis Road2021
HouseWhite Road2021
House TrailerRourke Road2021
HouseRourke Road2021
House TrailerBeaver Meadow Road2021
HouseState Route 372021
HouseDrum Street Road2021
GarageGray Street2021
HouseState Route 372021
HouseFrogtown Road2022
HouseSt. Regis Road2022
House w ABCMFrogtown Road2022
House w ABCMSt. Regis Road2022
House w ABCMCook Road2022
House w ABCMState Route 372022
House w ABCMState Route 372022
10 Structures removed by owners
45 on waiting list

ABCM - Asbestos Containing Building Materials

Community-Wide Petroleum Assessments


LocationStatus or Year Completed
Wolf Clan TruckstopState Route 37Phase 1 - 2018
Garrow's MarinaGarrow's RoadPhase 1 - 2018

Awaiting Phase 2 report

Broken ArrowState Route 37pending

Open Dump Sites

NameLocationStatus or Year Completed
Frogtown SpeedwayFrogtown RoadPhase 1 - 2015

Phase 2 - 2017

Fenced - 2018