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Residents and haulers are allowed to bring their Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and recyclables to the transfer station. The transfer station only functions as a holding area for the materials. The MSW is kept separate from the recyclables and once enough material is collected to fill the tractor-trailer, the MSW is shipped to a regulated landfill for disposal.

The recyclables are handled in a similar manner. However, community members are asked to separate the different types of materials and they are shipped to a recycling facility for processing or the cardboard is baled and sent to a paper mill.

There are plans for site improvements within the near future for: further consolidation of services, safety measures, and more efficient layout of new & existing equipment.

Residential and Commercial Haulers:
How to prepare your materials before coming to the transfer station

Residential Customers: Preparing your materials for disposal at the transfer station is easy and doesn’t require a lot of work. The main thing to remember is to keep your MSW separate from your recyclables. Using separate bags for MSW and recyclables is the simplest way to handle them. You can even bring your blue bags filled with household MSW at the transfer station along with the recyclables that you need to drop off. There are separate bins for cardboard, blue bags, returnable cans & bottles (5&10 cent deposits), single stream plastic, glass, metal and mixed paper. Please prepare your recyclables according to the Tribe’s recycling brochure and diagram. Always remember to remove them from your bag when you place them in the bins! You can even reuse the plastic bag that you brought the recyclables in until it is worn out!

Commercial Customers: Please separate your materials to be disposed of at the transfer station. If you have a private business and haul MSW and recyclables on the Reservation you must follow the guidelines set forth in the Solid Waste Management Code. Some, but not all, of the requirements are to: 1) obtain a hauler permit each year from the Compliance Department, 2) separate MSW, bulky materials, construction debris from recyclable materials and 3) if you plan to by-pass the Transfer Station, you will be charged a Regional Fee.

Please prepare your recyclables according to the Tribe’s recycling guide.

What to do when you come to the transfer station

The most important thing to remember when you come to the transfer station is to follow directions on the signs and listen to the attendant at the scale house window. The scale house attendant and recycling coordinator are there to assist you with any needs, so don’t hesitate to ask. The Tribe cares about your safety and wants to ensure that your experience at the transfer station is positive and safe.

On the left-hand side of the driveway, when you enter the transfer station, you will see the recycling drop off area. This is where you can dispose of most of your recyclables. If that was all you had to drop off, you can turn your vehicle around and leave through the same gate you entered. Blue Bags and most household recyclables are free to drop off.

If you have other materials to drop off, you will continue to the scales. Depending on what type of material you have there may be a fee associated with it. Stop at the scale house window and let the operator know what you have. If you have other MSW such as: mattresses, construction debris, bulky materials, tires, batteries, electronic waste or fluorescent bulbs they will let you know the cost before proceeding. Larger bulky items, mattresses, tires, electronic waste, scrap metal, appliances or any other items the scale house operator will instruct you where to dispose of those.

They may need to weigh your vehicle and then signal you to move forward. You will then proceed to the top of the hill to dispose of MSW, construction debris or bulky materials less than four (4) ft. in length. At the top of the hill you will see two large Transfer containers for you to drop your MSW in. Once you have completed the disposal of your MSW proceed down the hill and stop on the scales. Your vehicle will get weighed again. After weighing out please proceed to the transfer station window. The scale house operator will let you know your tipping fee.

Other Services:
Roll-off Bin or Dump Trailer Rental Service

If an individual or private business, from the Akwesasne Community, would like to rent equipment or become a charge customer, they should follow the steps below:

  • The customer requests a Customer Service Agreement and Good Standing Clearance Form at the SRMT Transfer Station Scale House. The customer completes and signs both forms.
  • Once the forms are submitted, the Scale House Operator provides the customer with a hard copy of the “Service/New Customer Agreement” and the “Good Standing Policy Clearance Form”.
  • The completed forms are given to the Solid Waste Program Manager (SWPM) for review. The Solid Waste Program Manager (SWPM) then checks to see if that customer (or the address) is on the list of customers with delinquent accounts (bad debt) at the Transfer Station.
  • If the proposed customer does not have an outstanding balance at the Transfer Station, the forms are forwarded to the Finance Department for verification of eligibility as per section 5.4.f of the SRMT Good Standing Policy.
  • After review and approval/rejection from the Finance Department, the new customer will be entered into the SMS Turbo system (either as acceptable - “ok” or “stop”).
  • The customer is then contacted to let them know if they are eligible for the roll-off equipment service from the Transfer Station or to become a charge customer.

Blue Bag Program

The SWP also offers a Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) “Blue Bag” program. Residents pre-purchase 30-gallon bags from the distributors in Akwesasne or at the Transfer Station and use them to dispose of their MSW. Participants in the program place the bags out to the curb once per week for collection. The price list is posted on the Transfer Station Tipping Fees page. These customers are also encouraged to bring their blue bags directly to the Transfer Station for disposal any day during normal business hours at no extra fee. They can also drop off recyclables while they are there.

SWP Commercial Services

The SWP offers collection options for the businesses in the community:

OPTION 1 - Weekly Collection - The SWP provides weekly collection of trash & recyclables and charges a monthly fee. The customer supplies their own containers and bags.

OPTION 2 - Container service -The SWP provides the customer containers and weekly servicing of containers. Customers are charged a monthly fee plus the tipping fee.

How to find us:

SRMT Solid Waste Transfer Station
179 County Route 43, Fort Covington, NY
Open Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am to 2:45 pm
Closed Thursday Phone: (518) 358-4632

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