Grants & Contracts

Wathwishtatáhkwas tánon Rontatshennáhrha Kaianerenhseríson

Ionkwakiohkwaró:ron Tribal Administration Building

Room 214

Phone: (518) 358-2272

Grants and Contracts has been delegated the responsibility and authority to negotiate and enter into contracts/agreements, and manage federal and state grants on behalf of the various divisions of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe using the procedures established by the Manual of Accounting Policies.

  • Responsible for all aspects of the contracting function, from receiving the request for contract to selecting the solicitation method for services and construction request, awarding and issuing contracts/agreements and amendments/change orders for the programs of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe using Federal, State and Tribal Funds
  • Ensures that all service and construction contracts are obtained in an effective manner and are in compliance with the provisions of applicable Tribal, State and Federal rules, policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Drafting and managing solicitation for Request for Proposals, Request for Quotes and Request for Bids by defining federal and state clauses and tribal regulations to be applied
  • Analyzes, evaluates and makes recommendations when bids close
  • Drafting documentation for service and contraction contracts/agreements, leases/rental of property and memorandum of understandings
  • After reviewing request for change order will issue change orders/amendments to modify, amend, renew, extend, or terminate service and construction contracts/agreements
  • Verifies the grant application with the grant award from federal or state agencies and obtains approval for grant awards and modifications for submission to federal/state agencies and foundations
  • Maintaining and managing contract and grant files, documents all correspondence
  • Responsible for preparing policies for contracts
  • Consults with officials at the federal or state agency when questions arise regarding grant awards and modifications to those awards
  • Managing and documenting grant files

False Claims Act (FAC) Contractor, Vendor, Agent Letter