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Community Partnership Fund Logos 2

Community Partnership Fund

SRMT Community Partnership Fund 2022 Application

SRMT Community Partnership Fund 2022 Description Criteria


The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT), the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort (AMCR) and Mohawk Bingo Palace (MBP) established a fund that aids non-profit organizations and Tribal members. Applicants are considered on a first come, first serve basis, as funds are available.

The SRMT Community Partnership Fund Committee consists of representatives from the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe and the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort. The Committee meets monthly to review applications. All decisions of the committee are final and not subject to appeal.

A request for assistance can be made to the SRMT Community Partnership Fund (SRMT CPF) by picking up and returning an application at the Ionkwakiohkwaro:ron Tribal administration building, located at 71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way, Akwesasne, NY 13655. All requests must be on the application form to be considered.

This fund is not an entitlement. All applications will be screened and vetted by the SRMT CPF committee. Applications missing required information and/or back-up materials will not be considered.


Assistance may be provided to Akwesasne community non-profit organizations, athletic associations, individual youth athletes and individual youth teams, and for community events. Assistance may also be provided to individual community members for miscellaneous needs on a case-by-case basis.

The SRMT Community Partnership Fund will consider contribution requests from local non-profit organizations and/or community members that meet the following criteria:

  • An enrolled member of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne or the Mohawk Nation.
  • Requests must promote Akwesasne community development; physical, mental, or spiritual health and wellness, education or Mohawk culture.
  • Applicants must at all times act as good ambassadors of the community of Akwesasne.
  • Priority will be given to applications that most demonstrate benefit to the Akwesasne community.
  • Priority will be given for individual applications to groups or individuals operating in, or residing in Akwesasne.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, which means that applicants not in good standing (i.e. have outstanding amounts owing to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe) will not be considered by the committee. Applicants are encouraged to ensure that any debts owed to any Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Department or program by their group or organization have been paid prior to submitting their application.
  • Applications on behalf of an individual will not normally be considered for funding. However, the Review Team may consider proposals for or on behalf of an individual in situations where there is extenuating, exceptional, or special circumstances or needs.


  • Complete the SRMT Community Partnership Fund application form.
  • The application form must be received at least three weeks in advance of an event.
  • Individuals and groups are eligible for assistance only once per calendar year
  • Applicants must include a detailed budget including:
    • Tournament fees
    • Registration fees
    • Travel costs: hotel, airfare, mileage, meals, etc.
    • Equipment cost
    • Rental Fees
    • Purchase of Raffle Items
    • Other fundraising activities and funding sources
    • Individual/community benefit of activity
  • The SRMT Community Partnership Fund committee may require additional information regarding your application. Applicants will be notified by phone or in writing of the final decision.


A contribution of $1,000.00 per family for funeral expenses. Eligibility will be based on TCR 2016-83 criteria for funeral donations. The Funeral Assistance form can be picked up at the Ionkwakiohkwaro:ron Tribal administration building during regular business hours.


Annual set asides have been earmarked for established minor sports organizations and community events. New applications for sports organizations or community events can be submitted at any time for consideration in the following calendar year. Priority will be given to organizations and events serving a greater percentage of Mohawk youth and community members. Groups must apply for their annual monies each year. Groups that fail to re-apply for their annual set aside donation in two consecutive years will be removed from the budget for the next calendar year.

*Individual teams within a sports organization, or schools that receive annual set-aside will not be eligible for the $500 allotment for individual teams, or for specific requests for uniforms, equipment, etc.


Personal hardship applications will not be entertained by the SRMT CPF committee. Such requests must be made to the Community Hardship Fund. The Community Hardship Fund is administered by the Saint Regis Mohawk Department of Social Services. Please contact them at (518) 358-2728 for information regarding the Community Hardship Fund and their eligibility criteria.


    • Personal Hardships
    • Beauty Pageants
    • Work Travel Expenses
    • Lost Work Hours – regardless of reason
    • Re-burials
    • Professional sponsorships (ex. Race Cars)
    • Adult Sports Teams (age 21 and over) leagues. Inclusive of pool, bowling, or darts.
    • Higher Education Tuition/Books/Housing /Travel expenses


Recipients are required to fulfill the following:

  • All recipients must provide a written report to the SRMT CPF committee before a check will be issued for the following year. Report must list how the funds were utilized, a description of the event (or season result), how many Mohawk children and/or adults were helped, and a minimum of three high-resolution images that can be used for marketing and informational purposes by the SRMT.
  • Recipients from the SRMT Community Partnership Fund will be listed in the local newspaper, Tribal monthly newsletter or Tribal government Social Media platforms.
  • All applications must be complete and have two (2) contacts listed, with all required contact information or the form will not be addressed.
  • The SRMT Community Partnership Fund must be listed in any public acknowledgements.

Inquires about the SRMT Community Partnership Fund should be made to:

SRMT Community Partnership Fund
c/o Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
71 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way
Akwesasne, NY 13655
(518) 358-2272 ext. 2294