Transfer Station Tipping Fees

The Transfer station is located on 179 County Route 43, Fort Covington, NY and consists of an 8-acre site that is own by the tribe.

Residents and haulers are allowed to bring their garbage and recyclables to the transfer station. The transfer station only functions as a holding area for the materials. The garbage is kept separate from the recyclables and once enough garbage is collected to fill a tractor-trailer, the garbage is loaded into the tractor-trailer and shipped to a regulated landfill for disposal. The recyclables are handled in a similar manner in that they are loaded into a tractor-trailer and shipped to a recycling facility for processing.

Transfer Station

Phone Number: 518-358-4632

Fax Number: 518-358-4529

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday 7:30 am - 2:45 pm

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Transfer Station 2018 Price List and Services

Municipal Solid Waste$120/ton
Bulky Materials$120/ton
Recyclables$ 0 Residential
$40 / ton Commercial
Metals$ 0
Freon Containing Appliances$ 0
Passenger Tires$ 2 each
Commercial Tires$ 0.20 / pound
Blue Bags$ 4 each
$ 20 - pk of 5
Waste Lamps, up to 10ft$ 1.75 each
Utube/Compact fluorescent/circular$ 1.00 each
HID Lamps$ 1.75 each
Halogens and Incandescent$ 0.50 each
PCB Ballast$ 1.00 each
Non PCB Ballast$ 1.00 each
Broken Lamps$ 2.00 each
Automotive Type Batteries ( includes motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, garden tractor, marine batteries)Free
Trailer *$ 65 Delivery + Tipping Fee
Roll Off Bin *$ 65 Delivery + Tipping Fee
Drag out fee - HHW, E-Waste, tires, metals$ 25 / item
Woody Mulch (available M - F only)$ 0 / ton u-load
$10 / ton loaded (not responsible for damage to vehicle)
Return Check Fee$45 plus collection costs
Uncovered / Unsecure loads**$ 25.00

* A signed service agreement is required for this service. This is a scheduled service. Please contact the Transfer Station for further details.

** The transfer station has instituted a new rule aimed at reducing litter and other types of refuse along neighboring roads, neighboring properties, and also on agency property. Loads coming into transfer station must be covered and/or secured. If not covered or secured, then the patron will be charged an ADDITIONAL $25 FEE. So Remember to "Cover your Load and Cover Yourself".

PDF version of Transfer Station 2018 Price and Service Available Here.

If you have any questions about this program or any type of solid waste management, please contact:

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Environment Division
Solid Waste Management Program
412 State Route 37
Akwesasne, NY 13655

Office Phone: 518-358-5937
Office Fax: 518-358-6252