Generations Park

Generations Park Office

Location: 30 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way
(Behind the playground)

Office Hours of Operation: Weekdays, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Office Phone: (518) 358-9009 Ext. 2600


After Hours Communication: In the event of broken equipment, safety concerns, or maintenance emergencies, please contact Amberdawn Lafrance, the Parks & Recreation Manager directly by phone at (518) 358-9009 or message the "Generations Park"
Facebook Page.

How to reserve an area of Generations Park:

1 - Please reserve at least 2 weeks in advance - more is appreciated.
2 - Fill out a Generations Park Application:
a - Use the "Community or Private Events Generations Park Application" for events open to the public, private events such as
birthday parties, or private meetings.
b - Use the "Sports Teams Generations Park Application" for sports leagues and one-time sport game events.
c - Use the "Concession Stand Form" for ALL concession stand requests.
3 - Send application to
4 - The Park Manager will contact you to confirm/deny your requested dates and to discuss your specific event needs.
5 - Once approved, your event will be added to the Generations Park calendar.
a - Refer to the "Event Management Plan" and the "Planning Activities Checklist" to assist you with event planning.
6 - Contact for any cancelations or changes.


Event Management Plan

Planning Activities Checklist