Agriculture Program


The AGRICULTURE PROGRAM works to encourage the production and consumption of locally grown foods. We offer support to the community members through tilling project, a pig shared program and a community wide ditching initiative. We started in 2016 with a project for student to be able to raise chicken and took care of them to earn stipends from the production of the eggs.

The AGRICULTURE PROGRAM HAS 5 Employees at this time, and a total of 400 chickens. We recently purchased new cartons for our eggs. The eggs are in local stores, AKWESASNE TWINLEAF, AKWESASNE MINI MART, WILD BILLS, SPEEDWAY CONVENIENCE AND RED FOX GAS.

The gardening tilling program assisted 50 community members in 2017 and over 70 members in 2018 We look forward to these numbers growing in the future.

We recently purchased 14 piglets which will give community member the opportunity to purchase part of the pig after it is fully grown.

The ditching project will be coming soon. This project will be providing ditching to help the flooding in low area.

Our Composting Program currently combines food waste from the Casino, grass clippings from Generation Park, chicken manure and wood chips from the town of Massena to produce compost. The compost will be used to improve organic matter levels in our soil and part of our crop rotation plan.