Office for the Aging

29 Margaret Terrance Memorial Way, Akwesasne

The Place Where We Gather

Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Reception: (518) 358-2963

The mission of the SRMT Office for the Aging is to provide excellent service to seniors by promoting: health, happiness, an active lifestyle, engagement, independence, and long life.

The Office of the Aging receives funding and support from the NYS Office for the Aging, Title VI Native American Programs, Saint Regis Mohawk Seniors Club, the Tribal General Fund to provide services to the elders of Akwesasne.

Not sure if you are old enough for senior services? Many of our services and programs are geared toward the 60 plus crowd, but we have activities and services for 55+ group too.

Our core services are:

Nutrition Services: Elders are invited to attend the noon meal provided Monday to Friday. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Elders are encouraged to come early and participate in the many activities taking place. Home delivered meals can be arranged for elders who have great difficulty leaving their homes. Our nurse and/or nutrition coordinator will visit you in your home to figure out what type meals you would benefit from and see if you need any other services. Participants in in both the congregate and home delivered meals programs receive information on making better food choices for better health. Our services are overseen by registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for you to meet privately with a dietitian to answer your questions about food and health.

Transportation: For those elders who do not have transportation, we provide a daily bus pickup for meals and activities at the center and weekly shopping trips. We do have a driver to help elders get to medical appointments in Massena, Malone, or within Akwesasne. Please call 3 days ahead of time if you need a ride to a medical appointment.

Home Care: Our nurse will visit you in the home to complete paperwork to see what services you are eligible for and helps to start the services.

Case management: Our nurse can make home visits or phone calls to see what services you need and help to get them started.

Chore: Our maintenance staff can assist eligible elders with lawn care, snow removal, and minor home repairs. In some cases, your repair maybe more than our staff can handle. Our maintenance staff will help you find appropriate repair people.

Information & Assistance: Everybody has questions. We have trained counselors to help you find the answers and get the services you need.

Caregiver Support: Family members and friends often provide assistance to elders with everyday tasks to help keep them safe, healthy, and in their own homes. We offer specialized counseling and assistance to family caregivers.

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Recreation and Activities: We offer a wide range of activities and learning opportunities for seniors to enjoy. Activities are an important aspect of everyone’s livelihood. Participation in activities may prevent feelings of depression and loneliness. The Activity Coordinator promotes various events for the seniors to aide them in maintaining their overall wellness. Some of the activities include:

  • virtual bowling
  • pool
  • box lunch bingo
  • shuffle board
  • arts and crafts

Trips are a favorite and we travel to areas that are of interest to our seniors: beaches, museums, other senior centers, “Ride to Nowhere", shopping, movies, art shows and plays. And finally, we always look forward to an array of special events, like: holiday parties, bands, karaoke, dances, etc.

Seniors are always encouraged to make suggestions on trips, presentations, crafts and other activities of their interest.

Health Promotion: Are you trying to become healthier and more active? We have several programs available to help elders meet their health goals. We firmly believe that people can improve the quality of their later years by staying active and engaged. And it is never too late to embrace all dimensions of wellness.

This is just the core services. We also have a large number of special programs and services that are offered for a limited time. Stop in and pick up a newsletter to see what is new this month. Or download your copy by following this link:

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