Our Logo

The logo of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe was originally designed by the late Harold Gesso Thomas, a well-known Mohawk artist. The logo was revised by the Tribe in 2002. It incorporates a number of items and colors which have particular importance to Mohawk tradition and culture.

The Kastowah, or feather headdress, located on the top of the logo displays three upright feathers identifying the wearer as from the Mohawk Nation. The headband on the Kastowah displays the Hiawatha Belt which is symbolic of the Five Nations Confederacy.

In the center of the logo are the principle Mohawk clans: Turtle (Fire Keeper of the Mohawk Nation), his brother, the Wolf and his cousin, the Bear. A clan is a family group through which lineage can be traced. The Snipe is not a Mohawk clan but is shown out of respect for its’ many members who reside on the Saint Regis Mohawk Reservation.

Emitting from beneath the Turtle are the red and yellow rays of the sun. Red depicts the blood that has been spilled by passed generations and yellow is significant of the “Giver” from which all life comes.

On the back of the Turtle is a White Pine tree, the Great Tree of Peace. The stick figures denote the Circle of Unity, within this circle, all people are protected. This symbolizes working together for the common good.