Centering Pregnancy

Health Services Building
Wednesdays, Morning
Phone: 518-358-3141

Mission: We will guide pregnant mothers through the Centering Pregnancy format that integrates health assessment, education and support in a group care setting, using the power of the circle as its basis.

The initial prenatal intake and physical exam is conducted in the medical clinic in the usual fashion. After 12-16 weeks along she joins a group of women who have delivery due dates similar to her own. Centering Pregnancy does not take place in the medical clinic setting but in the Mind-Body / Centering Room down the hall. Moms are taught how to measure and record their own weight, blood pressure and gestational age and record the results in their own chart. They help themselves to healthy snacks while charting their results and socializing with one another. The Moms are seen privately by the obstetrician or midwife for a brief checkup then join the other Moms in a circle. Together in this circle they share experiences and learn from each other following a specially designed curriculum under the guidance of the physician or midwife. The sessions are structured but flexible which allows the group of women to also discuss other issues that are important to them. Sessions range from discussion of common discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, signs of preterm labor, domestic violence, what to expect during labor and delivery which includes a field trip to the hospital birthing rooms. The sessions are scheduled monthly at first then every two weeks later in the pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy care model was designed by Sharon Schindler Rising who is a Certified Nurse Midwife and founder of Centering Healthcare Institute.


Circling Up for Better Health by Randi Rourke Barreiro