21-PROB-00022 Martha G. Lauzon Estate

21-PROB-00013 Ellene Herne Estate- Distribution Order 11.03.2021

21-PROB-00012 Paul Herne Estate - Distributio Order 11.03.2021

19-PROB-00016 Hattie Lazore Laughing - Decision Objection to the Will 11.08.2021

20-PROB-00010 Estate of Corleen Jackson - Decision & Order 04-21-2021

19-PROB-00020 Estate of Beatrice A Cole Inventory Objection- Decision & Order 01.28.2021

19-prob-00004 Decision and Order 11.26.2019_Redacted

18-PROB-00019 Decision an Order_Redacted

18-prob-00006 interested party motion Decision and Order_Redacted

16-CIV-00011 Estate of Allan J Gorrow Decision& Order Mar 29 19_Redacted.pdf

Estate of Allan J. Gorrow Decision and Order Motion to Reconsider 16-CIV-00011 4.17.2019

Estate of Allan J Gorrow 16-CIV-00011

21-PROB-00005 Patrick Chubb Estate Decision & Order 04.27.2021

21-PROB-00001 Matayia Garrow Estate Distribution Order 05.18.2021

20-PROB-00014 Yvonne M Chubb Estate Decision & Order 04.27.2021

19-TRF-00636 SRMT v Brent E Fitsgerald Decision & Order 11-22-2019

18-CIV-00010 Robert Thomspon Estate Distribution Order 6-20-2018

18-CIV-00010 Robert Thompson Estate Decision on Jurisdiction 5-24-2018

18-CIV-00010 Robert R Thompson Estate Closing Order 04-23-2019

18-PROB-00016 Jake Garrow Estate Decision & Order

18-PROB-00016 Jake Garrow Decision & Order

18-PROB-00009 Catherine T. Herne Distribution Order

18-PROB-00008 Mose Herne Distribution Order

18-PROB-00005 Robert F Swamp Closing Order

18-LND-00004 C Leaf v I Papineau Decision & Order

18-CIV-00014 Jamie Cole Distribution Order

18-CIV-00012 Olivia Redeye Distribution Order

20-PROB-00022 Estate of Angus Smoke Decision and Order dated 12.23.2020

20-PROB-00008 Estate of Alexander Jockn Distribution Order 10.21.2020_Redacted

19-PROB-00021 Estate of Thomas Herne Sr. Distribution Order 5.15.2020_Redacted

19-PROB-00021 Estate of Joseph Herne Distribution Order 3.26.2020_Redacted

19-PROB-00020 Estate of Beatrice Cole Decision and Order 5.14.2020

19-PROB-00018 Estate of Arther Herne Distrubution order 3.26.2020_Redacted

18-CIV-00016 Theodore LaFrance Estate Decision & Order

18-CIV-00016 Theodore Lafrance Estate Closing Order

18-CIV-00013 Estate of M Benedict Sr Closing Order

18-CIV-00011 Christopher Thompson Judicial Disclosure Order FINAL

18-CIV-00011 Christopher Thompson Decision and Order

18-CIV-00006 Patricia A Jock Estate Decision & Order

18-CIV-00003 Rita J Swamp Distribution

18-CIV-00002 Thomas Hall Estate Distribution Order

18-CIV-00002 Thomas Hall Final Order and Decision

18-CIV-00001 Laura C. McDonald Closing Order

18-CIV-00001 Laura C. McDonald Distribution Order

May 7, 2021 Deceisions
18-PROB-00022 Estate of Margaret Jacobs Final Distribution Order 8.17.2020_Redacted
18-PROB-00022 Estate of Margaret Jacobs Decision and Order 5.15.2020_Redacted

20-PROB-00002 Estate of John Neil Laughing Dirstribution Order_Redacted