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Ensuring the Integrity of the SRMT Programs and Services

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe is responsible for the health, safety, education and welfare of all its membership and, as such, continually strives to ensure the integrity of all Tribal programs and the vendors the Tribe does business with.. To assist in this endeavor, the Corporate Compliance Program was developed to promote a culture of respect, honesty and truthfulness throughout the entire organization.

The Corporate Compliance Program is intended to provide reasonable assurance that the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe: 1) complies with all tribal, state and federal funding requirements; 2) satisfies the conditions as a Medicaid provider; 3) prevents, detects and reports known or suspected fraud, waste and abuse or other forms of misconduct that might expose the Tribe to funding liabilities; 4) promotes self-policing and voluntary disclosure of violations of policy, laws or regulations; and 5) establishes, monitors and enforces high professional and ethical standards.

The key elements of the Corporate Compliance Program are:

  1. Established Corporate Compliance Policy - Passed by Tribal Council in 2013, the Policy provides guidelines that promote the Tribe's commitment to compliance and prevention of internal waste, fraud and abuse
  2. Education and annual training of all Tribal employees
  3. Internal monitoring and auditing to monitor compliance and reduce risk
  4. Established system to respond to complaints
  5. Procedures to respond to potential violation and/or non-compliance complaints
  6. Corrective action process to enforce standards of conduct.

The Corporate Compliance Policy, which is a key element of the program, serves as a guiding standard of an internal system of checks and balances designed to enhance the responsibility of the Tribe to better serve the needs of the Akwesasne community - including youth and families; as well as tribal employees, contractors, and vendors. Oversight of the policy is entrusted to the Corporate Compliance Officer and the Corporate Compliance Committee, who ensures its universal implementation and adherence within the organization.

It is the obligation of each SRMT employee to uphold the standards set forth in the policy and report any suspected violations of waste, fraud, abuse and filing of false claims, including Medicaid and Medicare. By doing so, employees will further promote the Tribe's commitment to compliance, integrity, and helping build a better a better tomorrow.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Corporate Compliance Policy (December 31, 2013) TCR 2013-64

Corporate Compliance Policy Amendment - Whistleblower Policy - TCR 2009-62

Corporate Compliance Policy Amendment - Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form TCR 2015-09

Corporate Compliance Policy Amendment – False Claims Act (FCA) and State statues related to the filing of false claims

Deficit Reduction Act

False Claims Act (FCA) Contractor Vendor Agent Letter

Waste Fraud Abuse Hotline Flyer

Waste Fraud Abuse Report Form