Community & Family Services

Tsi nón:we nitewanákere tánon Kahwá:tsire Tsi tehshakotiienawa:se

Ionkwakiohkwaró:ron Tribal Administration Building

Room 112

Mission: Ionkwaio’takie aekhiié:nawa’se onkwe’shón:’a aonsahatikwè:ni ne skén:nen akenhake tsi tehonatawén:rie (We’re working along to help people that they can help themselves and find peace as they live and work each day)

Division Description:

The Community and Family Services (CFS) Division was formed in 2011, and was originally comprised of only a few programs. Over the past 7 years, the Division has taken on additional programs, and in 2018 is comprised of the following programs:

  • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation (TVR)
  • Family Support (Disabilities Services)
  • Three Sisters (DV/Sexual Assault Shelter)
  • Office of the Family Advocate
  • Home Improvement Program (HIP)
  • Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU)

The CFS Division is therefore comprised of 6 programs, 95 total staff positions, and a 2018 annual budget in the proximity of $7.3 million.

The vision for the Division is to seek out additional funding and resources in 2018, in order to expand current services where possible in future years, replace program supplements and reliance on the Tribal General Fund, strengthen program sustainability, improve training and knowledge transfer across the staff, formulate/strengthen local/regional/state/federal partnerships, and meet the demand for services from the Community with exceptional quality and care. Finally, work with the staff across the programs shall focus on self-care, team building, boosting employee morale, increased staff recognition, more information sharing, and responsiveness to their issues/concerns.


Provides day to day oversight to the Division operations, assistance with Community inquiries, including trouble shooting, advocacy, support, advisement, referral, direction.

Community Building

Weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

W. James Bay, CFS Director

Phone: 518-358-2272 ext. 2500

Projects and initiatives that shall continue into 2018 are:

Managed Care and Tribal Consultation – Continued dialogue with New York State DOH, OPWDD, and the Federal CMS representatives will center upon continued discussion pertaining to our request for a Tribal/State Disabilities Compact. SRMT Family Support (Disability) services are currently being negotiated into the SRMT 2018 Indian Health Services Compact., which will result in many benefits for the program and Community.

Strategic Planning Exercises – CFS programs will engage in Strategic Planning Review at least twice together in 2018 in order to track and monitor progress on program goals, objectives and priorities.

Home Improvement Program (HIP) ICDB Grant Implementation – HIP was successful in applying for a U.S. HUD grant for Home Repairs, and secured $600,000 that will go towards upwards of 95 Home Repair projects scheduled for 2018.

Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) MOU Implementation – CSEU signed an MOU with NYS in 2017 that will result in NYS county systems transferring Child Support cases relating to our Community over to our program. Projections for case files transfer are estimated to be around 300 casefiles over a period of time yet to be established.

Continued Team Building, Employee Recognition, and Morale Building Efforts – CFS Director and Managers will make greater efforts in 2018 to engage with staff across the programs, to promote more information sharing amongst the programs for statistical data, to recognize hard work and effort of staff that go beyond the call of duty, to further train and educate the staff on best practices, to address staffing issues and areas of concern in order to create more confidence and satisfaction in the workplace, etc.

Community Outreach, Education, and Awareness – The CFS Division will be conducting further outreach, awareness, and education campaigns in the 2018 year through advertising and stakeholder sessions with local/regional agencies.As well, outreach events conducted by programs will take place throughout the 2018 year.

The CFS Division is evolving into a “go-to” resource within the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, and as we move forward into the future, our focus shall be on improving our staff expertise and training within their areas of specialty, identifying greater efficiencies in our program processes, raising our standards of care to exceed expectations, and maximizing the benefits of service that our programs offer to the residents and families of the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory.