Tribal Historic Preservation Office

Onkwehón:we Tsinikiawén:’en Tsi ionteweien’tóhkhwa

Ionkwakiohkwaró:ron Tribal Administration Building

Room 123

Mission: To preserve the historic and cultural heritage of the Akwesasne Mohawk people for several generations that will follow in our footsteps.

Phone: (518) 358-2272

The Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO) functions under the Authority of Section 101(d) (2) of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the SRMT THPO. The department is responsible for the identification, evaluation, protection, interpretation and historic preservation planning of our Mohawk Heritage. NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act) is a program under THPO responsible for contacting and documenting Haudenosaunee/Native American human remains, cultural funerary items currently in the possession of museums, historic societies, universities, or which might be excavated or discovered on Federal and some private lands receiving Federal monies.

Language and Cultural Resource Department
The SRMT language and Cultural Resources Department is responsible for protecting, preserving and maintaining our Kanien’keha language within the Tribal workplace and the greater community. Instruction is given by means of the Can-8® virtual language program as well as hands-on instruction by staff knowledgeable in most aspects of our Mohawk culture, heritage and life ways.