Cannabis Control Board

Cannabis Control Board (CCB)

The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Accept, review, approve, or disapprove cannabis license applications including those required under this Ordinance including, but not limited to, applications for cultivation, processing and retail store licenses;
  2. Adopt rules to impose and collect any fees or fines necessary to the regulation of cannabis including fees imposed under this Ordinance;
  3. Adopt cannabis regulations and rules after consultation with the Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO);
  4. Approve the issuance of cannabis orders recommended by the CCO under Tribal Ordinances, including this Ordinance, including but not limited to: orders to cease and desist, closures of facilities, suspension and revocation of licenses as necessary to protect public safety;
  5. Monitor the regulation of all activities of cannabis licensees; and
  6. Keep accurate records of all matters within the CCB’s duties.

CCB Board Members:

Allyson Mitchell, Chair
Edward Smoke, Vice-Chair
Lael Echo-Hawk
Philip Thompson
Amber McDonald
Karlee Bigtree, Alternate
Jill Benedict, Alternate

The Cannabis Control Board can be reached by phone at 518-358-2272 ext. 2167 or email at

SRMT Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance (TCR 2021-33)

To Amend the Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance - Drive Thru Windows (TCR 2022-17)

To Amend the Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance - Consumption Lounges (TCR 2023-05)


2022-001-CCB Budders Cannabis Store LLC 508 State Route 37
2022-005-CCB Weedway 935 State Route 37
2022-006-CCB Dank Bank 25 Water Street, Fort Covington
2022-007-CCB Not Another Pot Store 76 Beaver Meadow Road
2022-009-CCB Diamond Dispensary 147A Raquette Point Road
2022-010-CCB Exotika Dispensary 227 State Route 37
2022-011-CCB Prime Cannabis 1600 State Route 37
2022-013-CCB Higher Ground Cannabis Co. 300 State Route 37
2022-015-CCB Sovereign Retail 8 State Route 37, Suite 1
2022-016-CCB Green Reserve Dispensary 484 State Route 37
2022-019-CCB Lawless & Co. 1744 State Route 37
2022-022-CCB Gray Bear Dispensary 987 State Route 37
2022-023-CCB Sovereign Retail 2381 Chateaugay Street, Fort Covington
2022-024-CCB Top Shelf 2566 Chateaugay Street, Fort Covington
2023-002-CCB Queen Leaf Dispensary 988 State Route 37
2023-007-CCB Marijuana World 503 State Route 37
2023-008-CCB Top Smoke 469 State Route 37 (Temporary Closed)
2023-009-CCB J’s Dispensary 370 State Route 37
2023-010-CCB Wacky Tobacky 1450 State Route 37
2023-012-CCB Famous Blaze 2797 Rt. 95, Bombay


2022-003-CCB Bank Side Flowering Company LLC
2022-004-CCB Lefty’s Cultivation
2022-014-CCB Iroquois LLC
2022-017-CCB Tru Bloom LLC
2022-020-CCB Red Roof Cultivation
2023-011-CCB Sovereign Cannabis Co. Outdoor Cultivation

PROCESSOR (Tier one)

2023-003-CCB NY Venture Capital Group, LLC
2023-004-CCB NY Extracts, LLC
2023-005-CCB Tru Bloom LLC
2023-006-CCB Sovereign Cannabis Co.
2023-013-CCB Satatkwata:ko
2024-001-CCB Original Cannabis Co.