Cannabis Control Board

Cannabis Control Board (CCB)

The Cannabis Control Board (CCB) shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Accept, review, approve, or disapprove cannabis license applications including those required under this Ordinance including, but not limited to, applications for cultivation, processing and retail store licenses;
  2. Adopt rules to impose and collect any fees or fines necessary to the regulation of cannabis including fees imposed under this Ordinance;
  3. Adopt cannabis regulations and rules after consultation with the Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO);
  4. Approve the issuance of cannabis orders recommended by the CCO under Tribal Ordinances, including this Ordinance, including but not limited to: orders to cease and desist, closures of facilities, suspension and revocation of licenses as necessary to protect public safety;
  5. Monitor the regulation of all activities of cannabis licensees; and
  6. Keep accurate records of all matters within the CCB’s duties.

CCB Board Members:

Allyson Mitchell, Chair
Edward Smoke, Vice-Chair
Lael Echo-Hawk
Philip Thompson
Amber McDonald
Ryan King, Alternate
Jill Benedict, Alternate

The Cannabis Control Board can be reached by phone at 518-358-2272 ext. 2167 or email at

SRMT Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance (TCR 2021-33)

To Amend the Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance - Drive Thru Windows (TCR 2022-17)

To Amend the Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance - Consumption Lounges (TCR 2023-05)


  • Budders Cannabis Store LLC, located at 508 State Route 37
  • King Canna, located at 8 Raquette Point Road
  • Weedway, located at 935 State Route 37
  • Dank Bank, located at 25 Water Street, Fort Covington
  • Not Another Pot Store, located at 76 Beaver Meadow Road
  • Diamond Dispensary, located at 147A Raquette Point Road
  • Exotika Dispensary, located at 227 State Route 37
  • Prime Cannabis, located at 1600 State Route 37
  • Higher Ground Cannabis Co, located at 300 State Route 37
  • Sovereign Retail, located at 8 State Route 37, Suite 1
  • Green Reserve Dispensary, located at 484 State Route 37
  • Crossroads Cannabis, located at 612 State Route 37
  • Lawless & Co., located at 1744 State Route 37
  • Roach Coach, located at 580 State Route 37
  • Belushi Farms, located at 987 State Route 37
  • Sovereign Retail, located at 2381 Chateaugay Street, Fort Covington
  • Top Shelf, located at 2566 Chateaugay Street, Fort Covington
  • Foxtails, located at 51 Johnny Mac Lane
  • Queen Leaf Dispensary, located at 988 State Route 37
  • Top Smoke, located at 469 State Route 37
  • Marijuana World, located at 503 State Route 37
  • J’s Dispensary, located at 370 State Route 37
  • Wacky Tobacky, located at 1450 State Route 37


  1. Bank Side Flowering Company LLC
  2. Lefty’s Cultivation
  3. Iroquois LLC
  4. Tru Bloom LLC
  5. Red Roof Cultivation


  1. NY Venture Capital Group, LLC
  2. NY Extracts, LLC
  3. Tru Bloom LCC
  4. Sovereign Cannabis Co.