Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat (#14)

In order to remove the impairment, the following removal criteria must be met:

  1. AOC habitats (including wetlands, riparian areas, and submerged and emergent aquatic vegetation beds) have vegetation species richness and diversity greater than or equal to that of similar habitat types in the surrounding region. Percent coverage by invasive plant species is less than or equal to that of similar habitat types in the surrounding region; AND
  2. Areas of habitat on the St. Lawrence, Raquette, and St. Regis Rivers which are impacted by shoreline hardening, lack of naturally vegetated riparian buffers, lack of natural slopes above and below the waterline, or lack of submerged and emergent vegetation have been identified, and opportunities for restoration projects have been assessed. A reasonable quantitative target for restoration of identified areas has been set by the RAC and has been achieved; AND
  3. All known areas of sediment contamination (where concentrations exceed New York State Class A sediment quality thresholds (indicating chronic toxicity to aquatic life)) in the AOC river segments have been remediated; AND
  4. Remediation and restoration activities required in the April 2013 ROD for the Grasse River Superfund Site have been completed, including the Grasse River Habitat Reconstruction.

Additional removal criteria based upon the impairments to local Mohawk culture and traditions are being finalized and will be added after appropriate approvals and endorsements.

This BUI is also designated as impaired by the SLR AOC at Cornwall/Akwesasne.