First Tribal Court Fines & Fees Notice

Saint Regis Mohawk Traffic Court

Physical Address: Chief Judge Carrie E. Garrow

Tribal Justice Building Judge Micaelee Horn

882 State Route 37 Judge Lois Terrance

Akwesasne, NY 13655

Phone: (518) 358-6300;

First Notice of Delinquent Judgement

The following individuals have outstanding Traffic Court judgements. If you have an outstanding Traffic Court judgement, please call the Court at your earliest convenience to discuss how to resolve it.

Arquette, David M

Griffin, Edward K

Preece, Mark A

Austin, Christopher

Hart, Jonathan

Ransom, Richard

Beeson, Jonah J

Herne, Derek R

Reuss, Whitney N

Burns, Victor R

Jackson, Janell H

Scott, Stephanie M

Chapman, John C

Jacobs, Talon H

Shilling, Nikaronhiasa D

Cook, Jennifer L

Jock, Chrystalynn

Smith, Ryan Z

Cook, Kahionhatakie A

Jock-Cole, Tristyn R

Stehlin, Nolan W

Cook, Tara M

King, Richard

Stowell, Nicole A

Cook-Francis, Valin K

Lacomb, Sarah N

Thomas, Louie

Cox, Gage

Lalonde, Kelly J

Thompson, Ashlee L

Cree, Kenneth B

Lazore, Wilfred L

Thompson, Francis J

David, Carrie A

Loft-Thompson, Collen J

Thompson, Jack L

Diabo Jr, Louie

McDonald, Kora

Thompson, Karonhionhara A

Diabo, Nevaeh S

Mcewen, Jennifer

Thompson, Quinton C

Donnelly, Nenita N

Menke, Andrew S

Thompson, Shaylee T

Dumas, Jeffrey C

Murray, Gary D

Thompson, Shaylee T

Dunham, Richard A

Murray, Gary D

Thompson, Thomas J

Edwards, Robert M

Oakes, James D

Thompson, Tori

Francis, Brooke I

Palmieri, Alexander N

Treadwell, Glenn P

Gollinger, Paulina A

Peters-Marin, Iehrakwa

White, Kaitlyn C

Gray, Paulina

Phillips, Kahionwinehshon

Wilson, Scott J

Gary, Shelby N

Phillips, Talon

Pursuant to the SRMT Good Standing Policy, the Tribal Court is obligated to provide a judgement debtor three (3) reminder notices of their delinquent account. After six (6) months has passed since a payment has been made by the judgement debtor, the Court may transfer the judgement debtor’s name to the SRMT Tribal Council or its designee the Finance Department. The Finance Department will verify the outstanding amount owed and mail the Defendant notice letters and send the debt to the Collection Agency and/or suspend tribal services.

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