02042021 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard
02042021 Srmt Covid 19 Update Dashboard

Tribe’s EOC Reports 8 Total Active COVID-19 Cases: 2 Deaths

Feb 4, 2021

AKWESASNE — The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is reporting no new cases of COVID-19 today — leaving eight (8) total active cases under the Tribe’s jurisdiction. Three (3) of our relatives have been released from quarantine by public health and still recovering, but 24 of our family members and friends remain quarantined at home. We wish them all a safe recovery.

It is with a heavy heart that the EOC and Tribal Council received confirmation of two (2) community members within the Tribe’s jurisdiction who have passed due to COVID-19. We offer our deepest and sincere condolences to their family and friends. There are no words that we can provide to lift the sorrow you are feeling at this moment. Please know however, that we feel your loss and share our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

The pandemic has changed many things in our lives, particularly for those who have tested positive or been exposed. It requires individuals to quarantine at home until they are officially released however, the path to full recovery is often long. While most persons with COVID-19 recover and return to normal health, some have symptoms that last for weeks or months. Health experts are still learning about the long-term effects, but some lingering symptoms are fatigue, cough, shortness of breath, joint pain, and neurological issues; such as headaches, dizziness, nerve damage, and trouble thinking or concentrating.

It is for the above reasons that we ask everyone to remain vigilant and follow all the protective measures being recommended by the EOC and public health agencies. You may not feel sick or be exhibiting symptoms, but you can be asymptomatic and inadvertently transmit the virus. As a result, we are asking everyone to please avoid uncontrolled gatherings where no masks are being worn, where no social distancing is being followed, nor other safety measures that are intended to keep you and others safe.

If you have a non-emergency matter, please call the Emergency Operations Center at (518) 320-0019; Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.