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Feb 6, 2024

Akwesasne, NY – In an official communication, the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe’s Cannabis Compliance Office issues notice of the suspension of King Canna's retail cannabis license situated at 18 Raquette Point Road. The notice, served to the owner on January 12, 2024, signifies the immediate suspension of the SRMT Cannabis license.

The grounds for this suspension stem from King Canna's failure to remit retail fees in accordance with the SRMT Cannabis Ordinance. Over the past six months, the Tribal Cannabis Compliance Manager has made consistent efforts to bring the business into compliance. Despite a final warning letter issued on November 17th, the non-remittance of fees persisted, leading to the subsequent suspension.

Anthony Tillman, Cannabis Compliance Manager, emphasizes the importance of community awareness in such instances, stating, "Member-owned licensed properties that comply with tribal regulations play a crucial role in supporting programs that assist Tribal community members. We work closely with our licensees to help educate on the importance of compliance for the health and safety of our community, ensure timely remittance of fees to support the program, and to build a compliance program that is a model for other Nations. We will continue to work with the licensee to take steps to return to fully-licensed status."